Lesson 06: What can you do?


A Can you speak Japanese?
B No, I can`t.
I can`t hear you. The line`s bad.
A Can you use a word processor?
B Yes, I can.
I can`t spell your name.
Cats can see in the dark.
She can type fifty words a minute.

 a I can type, but I can`t spell.

b He can sing and he can dance.
c A Can you cook?
B Yes, I can.
d They can ski, but they can`t swim.
e We can read and we can write.
f A Can she drive?
B No, she can`t.
Well, there are a lot of things I can`t do! I can`t draw and I can`t drive a car, but I want to have lessons. I can… I can type and I can use a word processor, because I have one at work and I use it all the time. What about sports? Mm. Well, I certainly can`t ski, but I`m quite good at tennis, yes, I can play tennis. Well, I usually win when I play with my friends. And I can swim, of course. And I can cook. I think I`m a very good, well, no, just good… a good cook! Now, then … languages. I can speak French and German, I don`t know any Italian at all, and I know about five words in Spanish ? adios, ma


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